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Introduction :

Laxmi Eye Institute is an internationally recognised Eye Hospital with a track record of excellent eye care under one roof. Under the leadership of Dr. Suhas Haldipurkar we are also engaged in training, Research and Outreach Program for more than three decades. We have the longest running and most reputed Cataract surgical training program that includes SICS (Small Incision Cataract Surgery) , Phacoemulsification Surgical Training and long term fellowship programs for young and promising Ophthalmologists. Over the years hundreds of reputed Doctors from different parts of India and Europe have benefited from this training.

What is special about our training?

We have personalized approach and one to one training given by our dedicated Phaco Surgeons. We offer a complete training which includes theory lectures on Phaco dynamics, in-depth understanding in to newer IOLs and knowledge about cataract workup protocol as practiced at Laxmi Eye Institute in addition to practical hands on training, thereby preparing you as a trained Phaco or SICS surgeon.

Course Objective

Our main aim is to expose the candidates to latest in Phaco and SICS with modern technique and instruments. Candidates will be exposed to different phaco machines along with opportunity to interact with Dr. Suhas Haldipurkar on advanced techniques and future of cataract.

Highlights of the course

1. Duration of the training ranges from 2 to 6 weeks depending upon the need and desire of the candidate (can be customised with prior intimation).

2. We take one candidate at a time each for SICS and Phaco.

3. For a 3 weeks duration 15 SICS or 15 phacos will be monitored / taught during the course. Any additional cases can be arranged on prior intimation and depending upon the progress of the candidate.

4. For a 4 weeks training, 18 cases and for 6 weeks 25 cases can be arranged. Any additional cases can be arranged as and when requested.

5. Wet lab facility and access to videos of various cases is available freely whenever requested by the candidate.

6. Phaco surgeries will be performed in “state of the art” operation theatre with a high end Phaco machine.

7. A time table will be provided to the trainee about his schedule.

8. A video CD/Pen drive showing steps of SICS and Phaco surgeries will be given to each candidate.

9. Training will be imparted by our expert senior consultant on one to one basis.

10. Demonstration of Phaco machine, Markerless Verion System and Optical Biometer (ARGOS) will be arranged for the benefit of the candidate.

11. Various video assisted lectures including Phaco Dynamics, Phaco Techniques and Newer Phaco Technologies, Phaco in challenging Cases, Newer IOLs etc. can be watched on request.

12. A ID card (identity card) will be provided to each trainee for easy access to hospital premises and library.

13. Trainees are requested to bring along their aprons and hard a disc to record their cases to review them in the evening along with Senior Surgeon.

14. A Log book will be provided for maintenance of own case details for future personal use.

15. A Certificate will be given at the end of the Course.

Course Schedule (For National Candidates)

1. 1st week: Hands on basic steps/Observation in OT/Hands on cases/Lecture.

2. 2nd week: Full-fledged Cataract Surgery (Phaco or SICS) step by step teaching under expert guidance.

3. 3rd week: Independent Phaco/SICS under supervision.

Course Schedule (For International Candidates)

1. 1st week: Hands on basic steps/Observation in OT/Hands on cases/Lecture.

2. 2nd week: Full-fledged Cataract Surgery (Phaco or SICS) step by step teaching under expert guidance.

3. 3rd to 6th week: Independent Phaco/SICS under supervision.

Eligibility Criteria

1. Any Ophthalmologist, novice or practitioner with MS/DNB/DOMS degree or equivalent is eligible for the course, whether Indian or a Foreign National.

2. SICS opting candidate will be learning solely SICS and not Phaco.

3. Phaco candidate must have the knowledge of SICS or ECCE surgery before performing Phaco. A knowledge of Rhexis (continuous curvilinear capsulorhexis) is mandatory to start with Phaco training.

Course Fee: Details will be provided on request.


Furnished accommodation will be arranged on prior intimation and at a nominal charge of 2000 per day as per availability. Alternative arrangements can be made in the hotel nearby. Accommodation arrangement has to be done at the time of booking your course slot.


Food arrangements can be made on request. There is a full-fledged hospital canteen with good breakfast, lunch and dinner. There are several good restaurants at walking distance from the hospital which are easily accessible. Details of the nearby hotels will be provided once your training period is confirmed. Online service is freely available to order food of your choice.

How to apply:

You can mail us your following details for PHACO training on phacotraining@laxmieye.org and for SICS training on sicstraining@laxmieye.org

1. Short CV

2. Passport size photograph (must)

3. Registration number (mci/state) to:

4. Your preferred dates of training.

5. Scanned degree/diploma/equivalent certificate

We will respond within 3 working days about availability of session month and further information.

For more details please get in touch with:


Contact : Mrs. Pranalee Waghare

Contact No : 09594986811

Email for SICS : phacotraining@laxmieye.org

Mode of Payment:

For National Candidates,

The payment is facilitated in the form of Cheques / Demand Drafts, drawn in favour of “Laxmi Charitable Trust” payable at “Panvel” or through wire transfer (internet banking). The course coordinator will provide you with the necessary account details.

For International candidates,

The payment is facilitated through wire transfer (internet banking). The course coordinator will provide you with the necessary account details.

It is important to note that, fee paid is non-refundable for any reasons but course can be postponed to a later date if requested two months before the alloyed date. This can happen only one time.


Dr. Priyanka D. Marathe

I had an amazing experience during my hands on training. Hats off to all my teachers, staff and residents!

A special heartfelt thank you to Dr. Vijay shetty for his constant guidance & his efforts to improve our surgical skills. Each day, each case at Laxmi Eye Institute was a memorable one.

Extremlt thankful to Dr. Haldipurkar sir for all his valuable tips & tricks of managing the case. this place has taught me more than just Ophthalmology!

Looking forward to coming back to Laxmi Eye Institute again...

Dr. Arati Wanare

I had come here for Phaco training. Phaco teacher Dr. Vijay Shetty is a very meticulous surgeon himself and teaches the same to his trainees.

I also want to thank Dr. Prakash for guiding me. I thank you from bottom of my heart for teaching me, retifying my mistakes.

The OT staff was very cooperative and encouraging and thanks to their contribution during my training phase.

Dr. Vetri Selvi, Chennai

This programme of AMO at Laxmi Eye Institute is an eye opener. It is has helped me to regain my confidence after hiatus period of 2 years. The Phacodynamics classes and wetlab training on wax eyes and human nucleus has helped me learn so much about the machine. I bought and also has refined and honed my skills. I would like to thanks Mr. Kartik who was behind me in taking up this course and Mr. Chandrakant who spent all his time in teaching me basics and helped overcome my errors. . I thank the OT team who was always enthusiastic about the trainers and co-operative.

Dr. Vijay Shetty Sir has taught me each and every steps of Phaco in a proper way, which I intended to follow henceforth. He was very patient and kind to the beginners and encouraged when I did better. I am indebted to the entire team of Phacoshaala and would attribute this training to all my future surgeries. They go out of the way to help Doctors in learning the right technicalities of Phaco. Chandrakant was so encouraging and sincere till the end with the same zest and Zeal.

Thank you

Hemal Kenia

Dear Dr. Preeti,

As I go back with fond memories of the wonderful last 2 weeks spent at Laxmi Eye Hospital, I want to express to you my heart felt thanks for the excellent training I've received, which has made me much more confident and competent than I was ever before. You've been an excellent teacher and I am sure many more like me, will benefit hugely under you.

Sincere regards,
Malad (West),
Mumbai- 400064.
Tel.: +912228822822.

Dr. Poonam Warade

Dr. Poonam Warade Mahad (poons3982@rediffmail.com )

Dr. Nishant A. Tambe, Thane (W), Mumbai

My experience with hands-on training was exceptionally good and very helpful. All the trainers were very helpful and motivating. They helped me boost my confidence and added on to my knowledge. The OT staff was very welcoming and helpful in all aspects, right from pre-operative to post-op. I am very glad to have performed the hands-on training.

Dr. Avinash Pingale, Tulsi Eye Hospital, Nashik - Hands on phaco training

Dear Sir,

Thanking you very much 4 giving me opportunity to undergo my hands on phaco training at your institute. It was great experience for me & I find myself very fortunate that I got opportunity to learn under the guidance of Sir Dr. Haldipurkar & Dr. Vijay Shetty. Over all all the staff was very co operative.

My Special thanks to all of you & sincere thanks to DR.SSH & Dr. VS.

Your's Truely,
DR.Avinash Pingale,
Tulsi Eye Hospital, Nashik

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