Dear Patient


Thank you for your interest and initiating the Tele-Consultation process. We hope you understand the meaning and limitations of Tele-Consultation.




  1. Doctors’ diagnosis and treatment is based on the oral information provided and limited visual inspection of images or videos with inadequate magnification.
  2. Formal vision testing is not possible. Certain websites and apps exist for this purpose but they have not been validated in this setting. They serve only as a guide to the examination and have no diagnostic value.
  3. Clinical examination using slit lamp biomicroscope examination for the front of the eye is not possible. Photographs of the eye clicked using a mobile phone or other digital device may not show the minute details required to make accurate diagnosis.
  4. Diagnosis is based on history, current medication, previous records and gross photographs/webchat visualisation. The treatment would be based on the provisional diagnosis as final diagnosis may be possible only after clinical examination and investigations
  5. Eye imaging and other investigation is not possible.
  6. Eye pressure cannot be estimated.
  7. Retinal and optic nerve examination is not possible.
  8. If the patient does not or is unable to provide relevant information or reports, it will seriously impact the quality of care received.
  9. Patient may be asked to visit the hospital for face-to-face examination, if diagnosis cannot be reached or is uncertain, or needs emergency management. The patient must adhere to follow-up visits either online or in person as deemed necessary by the treating physician.



  • Kindly note that the consultation fee is valid for only one consultation. The hospital policy for follow-up discounts does not apply to Tele-Consultation.
  • The consultation time is limited to 15 minutes only. A consultation lasting longer this may be billed additionally. The consultation may be ended before completion of 15 minutes if the doctor deems fit.
  • The medium of consultation (including and not limited to email, phone call, video call, etc.) will be determined by the consulting doctor.
  • The doctor-on-call will reply to your request for consultation. As of now there is no facility to opt for a specific doctor.
  • Your tele-consultation may be recorded, maintaining your privacy and confidentiality.
  • As per legal guidelines, Tele-Consultation cannot be offered to overseas patient.
  • You will be asked to submit documents verifying the patient’s identity, along with images of previous reports.



A Tele-Consultation is not a substitute for a face-to-face consultation. It is an arrangement made for patients who are unable to physically visit the hospital for a face-to-face consultation.

I have understood the above and wish to opt for Tele-Consultation service.