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Hands-on Surgical Training At Laxmi Eye Institute

Laxmi Eye Institute has one of the longest-running and most reputed cataract surgical training programs that includes SICS and Phacoemulsification.

Degree In Optometry

Optometry is an independent primary healthcare profession, concerned with examination, diagnosis, and treatment of disorders of the visual system.

As per WHO criteria, our nation requires 1,16,000 optometrists for eye care, whereas at the present total number of optometrists in the country is not more than 40,000, in which only 2500 optometrists are qualified degree holders. There is, thus, a huge demand as presently, only 4500 optometrists graduate annually throughout the country. This is the fourth-highest paid profession in India. Scope for Optometrists

  • Work with eye hospitals in India & abroad. Like Laxmi Eye Institute
  • Own specialized practice.
  • Be a part of the education sector.
  • Retail sector.

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